Enki Energy contributes to Workshop at EUBCE 2016


The European Biomass Conference (EUBCE) is the world’s largest specialised biomass conference and serves as the leading platform for the collection, exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of biomass. It is organised both for and by the biomass community to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations. In addition the EUBCE closes the gap between research and application due to the presence of both scientists, policy makers and the industry (source).

During the EUBCE, – in cooperation with Wageningen University, Biomass Research, AgriQuest and Cenipalma, and facilitated by the Netherlands Enetrpride Agency – Enki Energy organized a workshop considering the global perspectives of several Colombian case studies on agri-residues as a biobased feedstock. Several case studies were presented. The goal of the workshop was to present new and innovative insights, models, processes and products regarding the valorisation of biomass.